Applicant Tracking Won’t Save Your Recruiting. Hirefully Will.

Hirefully: Find Your Believers

In the last decade, Canada’s supply of technical and business talent shifted from a surplus to a deficit. This transition has led to inflated salaries, competitive hiring, and lower retention rates. In response to a dry talent pool and overworked HR professionals, we’ve seen applicant tracking systems (ATS), AI tools, and psychometric assessments professing to address the talent shortage.

The aforementioned platforms will claim to improve the efficacy of your hiring, but a closer look reveals that none of them are solving the problem.

In the case of an ATS, having all your applications in one place gives you an overview on the past and present state of your hiring. Being organized is nice, but it doesn’t improve your hiring decisions. Likewise, AI platforms allege to eliminate bias and help you to consider a more diverse applicant pool. While these solutions may eliminate your biases, the algorithm-creator’s biases are deeply and forever ingrained. As for personality assessments that claim to determine an applicant’s cultural fit by means of a questionnaire, you have to ask yourself this question: How can they do so without knowing my team and their personal preferences?

These platforms sell hope to any company that’s rich and naive enough to pay the price. The irony here is that these wealthy companies typically need less help with recruiting; their size tends to diminish the impact of bad hires as they are easily diluted by the sheer number of employees. Startup hiring is much more delicate. Talent selection has to foster chemistry in order to create a team that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

Your best hiring strategy is to always be hiring by proactively reaching out to prospects before you need to them. Understandably, most startups will prioritize product development, marketing, and selling. All too often, recruiting is treated as an afterthought. For these companies, the best strategy is to make the most of inbound applicants. Hirefully was built for this. It dramatically reduces the time and effort required to deal with the incoming applications, and more importantly, helps discover the hidden potential that’s often overlooked.

The premise of Hirefully is simple: elevate your hiring by focusing on the human, not just the resume. Invite applicants to tell their story – their way – and we’ll help you to see potential. As an underdog in the war for talent, this perspective is essential to surviving your early days.

The best leaders own their recruiting and hiring. After all, they know their team better than any algorithm does. Hirefully won’t tell you who to hire, or recommend a resume based on the number of times a word appears. We simply guide you to better hiring conclusions based on the coaching insights embedded in the solution.

Hirefully is built for emerging Canadian teams with big goals, small budgets, and a willingness to learn the art of selection… or any team that’s sick of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole over and over again.

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