"The Laudi Group delivers the most positive, productive and value-driven recruitment experience. They operate as a true business partner and always ask the right questions to drive insights on our business, process and culture. Their internal teams consistently showcase a high standard and collectively work towards delivering exceptional candidates for their clients."

− Sachi Kittur - Vice President, Human Resources, Mercatus Technologies

"When a company is looking for a hiring partner I always recommend The Laudi Group. They work closely with their clients to make sure the right hire is made"

− Derek Smyth – Chief Revenue Officer, Vision Critical

"Mario Laudi and his team are experts in what they do. They approach their
clients and the candidates with the highest level of integrity. I can always count on them and have done so for the past 10 years."

− Victoria MacDonald – Chief Human Resources Officer, FlightNetwork.com

"Mario is one of the true gems in the field of recruiting. He has a keen eye for talent, a great understanding of what a growing business needs and an overall sense of integrity that I have come to depend on."

− Phil Caravaggio - Chief Executive Officer, Precision Nutrition

"Laudi has the proven approach to finding individuals who are the right cultural fit and ensuring that their motivational vectors are in line with ours. Their understanding of a high energy, fast growing startup atmosphere gives them a unique perspective on high-tech recruitment. They go beyond filling a required position and act as a strategic partner to ensure that our recruitment is in line with our growth strategy."

− Kang Lu – CTO, pVelocity

"The Laudi Group is profoundly different from other search firms. They consistently exceed expectations in terms of candidate quality and timelines. I recommend them for companies that want a recruiter that enables success."

− Pete Devenyi – Vice President, Global Software Development at Dematic