"Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast"

We help you set the table.

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"Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast"

- Peter Drucker

We'll help you set the table.

We make our choices,

then our choices make us.

We choose Canada. Recruiting has become an unfair fight where multi-nationals target our best minds and leave our entrepreneurial sector to scrap for the talent that remains. There’s never been a more challenging time to be recruiting.

We help Canada compete

Executive Search

For strategic or confidential searches, you want a talent partner with the experience to minimize your risk. We recognize the patterns and know the signs. Is he a leader or manager? Can she deal with ambiguity and risk? Has he led great teams or big ones? Is she an agent of change, or the status quo? We’ll help you see the differences.

Contingency Recruitment

Get to know us over a contingency-based assignment. We recruit across your entire org chart, from the executives to the entry-level in research and development, product management, marketing, sales, services and operations.

Having great people in your corner should always be a priority – even if you can’t afford to invest heavily in recruitment.

We’ve packaged our expertise into two affordable products that uniquely position us to help your business grow, regardless of its size or resources.

Proactive Recruiting: Culture+Purpose

This is agile recruiting. It's proactive and there's no waiting. Shop rich profiles of prescreened people ready for a change. This is how you shorten job vacancies and pre-empt them, if you like. No recruiter required.

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Hiring Coach: Hirefully

Meet your hiring coach. No ATS offers coaching and prompting like this. Get to know people, not just their resumes. The narratives reveal values, motives and preferences. This is what you need for good hiring decisions...it's free!

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Let's Get to Know Each Other

We know Toronto. We know Talent. We know Technology.

Now we need to know you.

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“Laudi Group has been and continues to be a great partner of Ethoca when it comes to recruiting top talent. We have experienced significant growth at Ethoca over the last 5 years and Laudi has been there with us every step of the way. I know I can rely on Mario’s team to be selective of the candidates they send our way based on their firm understanding our business, culture, and needs.”

Kevin ViggersSVP Product Development, Ethoca

“I highly recommend Mario and this team. We've worked with other firms in the past and Mario always pulls through where others didn't. Mario offers a very personalized approach and takes the time to truly understand your business in order to find the right candidate. With Mario and his team it is reassuring to know you have a partner that always has your best interests in mind. ”

Radek GarbowskiPresident, Motoinsight

“Mario is one of the true gems in the field of recruiting. He has a keen eye for talent, a great understanding of what a growing business needs and an overall sense of integrity that I have come to depend on.”

Phil CaravaggioCEO, Precision Nutrition

“Mario Laudi and his team are experts in what they do. They approach their clients and the candidates with the highest level of integrity. I can always count on them and have done so for the past 10 years.”

Victoria MacDonaldHead of HR, WE.org

“The Laudi Group, hands-down has delivered the most positive, productive and value-driven recruitment experience. They operate as a true business partner and always ask the right questions to drive insights on our business, process and culture. Their internal teams consistently showcase a high standard and collectively work towards delivering exceptional candidates for their clients.”

Sachi KitturFormer VP Human Resources, Mercatus Technologies

“Laudi has the proven approach to finding individuals who are the right cultural fit and ensuring that their motivational vectors are in line with ours. They go beyond filling a required position and act as a strategic partner to ensure that our recruitment is in line with our growth strategy.”

Kang LuCTO, pVelocity