We understand the challenges of growing a small business because we are one.

As a lean team, we don’t have a dedicated business development function to constantly look for new accounts. Instead, we focus on delivering results so that you’ll see the beauty of working with us again, and again...

A good team is a work-in-progress. We consult from experience and add value to your hiring – even if it means having frank conversations. You deserve to know what we know. This is how we build lasting partnerships that help you grow from 10 to 50, to 250 and beyond.

Our Team

Our people are our competitive advantage. Their knowledge can be yours.

Led by Mario Laudi , our Talent Advisors have undergone extensive in-house training in candidate psychology, startup-ology, and tech-sector dynamics. They speak fluent tech and will represent your employer brand with the utmost professionalism.

We’re experts at understanding and conveying the unique opportunities your company represents. We’ve dislodged candidates with decade long tenures from even the most well-established companies.

When we aren’t providing talent acquisition services, we’re busy building GreaterGood Jobs.