Coaching and Consulting

When you've been recruiting for as long as we have, you know what works, and what might not. Ours has been an education acquired over time and through trial and error. Our experience is a competitive edge that saves learning curves and minimizes setbacks for our partners.

Headcount and Organizational Consulting

Sometimes smaller is better. You don’t need to grow rapidly to get shit done, you just have to grow smart. It’s about hiring for the right roles at the right time, and knowing when you have the right person.

Let us get to know your team and business. Based on your goals and budgetary constraints, we'll advise you on how to sequence and define your hires so you grow revenue and profit, not just headcount.

Coaching to Close

The best way to retain your talent is to ensure fair compensation. If you haven’t been out in the market lately, you might not know what that means. We do.

Together, we’ll look at how your company compares with the market-at-large on matters such as compensation, reputation, and policies. Then, we’ll share best practices for writing, extending and managing job offers, as well as other tactical steps that ensure success.

Interview Training

We interview all day and every day. That’s a lot more than your hiring managers. If they’ve never been on the receiving end of an effective two-way interview, they may not know what goes into one. Interviewing is a skill that’s refined over time, but we can help speed up the process.

Over four, one hour sessions, we’ll cover everything from interview structure, cadence, and content, to conducting reference checks and best practices for extending offers.

We’re building an online course on Recruiting for Hiring Managers. If you’d rather your managers learn the ins-and-outs of recruiting at their own pace, sign up for early access and to save 10%.

Get on the List

Fractional Recruitment Advisor

Need an informed opinion? Someone to conduct initial phone screens? An awesome job description? We’ve got you covered. Our talent consultants are available to support your inbound hiring initiatives from 2 to 10 hours per week. We’ll even join your Slack channels, just tell us what works for you.

You run your business.
We'll bring the talent.