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Maple syrup, plaid, please & thank you.
Expert recruiting for Canadian companies.

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We Are Unapologetically Canadian

Maple syrup, plaid, please & thank you.
Expert recruiting for Canadian companies.

About You

You invest a lot of time to handpick your team and there’s no compromising on attitude. Your team is happy, engaged and inspired. But, talent is getting harder to find and your time is at a premium.
Yours is an emerging company with unique needs that traditional recruiters don’t understand. You want to partner with talent experts that will give you an edge in the market. Put us on your short list. Your team will thank you.

About Us

It’s one thing to recruit for a multi-national, it’s another to do so for a startup. Compensation is not comparable and there are no expensive perks. For so many reasons, it’s an unfair fight. The Laudi team is handpicked for their smarts, personal values and competitive spirit. The combination of the founder’s experience and the team’s energy is a formidable partnership for companies with the will to compete for talent.

Our Team

 Led by Mario Laudi, Managing Director of Laudi and occasionally referred to as ‘The God Father of Recruiting,’ our small team of recruiters undergo extensive training in psychology, technology, startup-ology, and professionalism.

These are the people you want representing your brand.

Mario Laudi

Managing Director

Kristen Piggott

Account Manager

Abdul Khan

Account Manager

Kara Laudi

Product Manager

We don’t just recruit.

We advise and consult to make your team better at the art of selection.

Check out a few of our guides and advice-posts to help your team succeed.

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