What You’ll Get

Hiring is not the best time to learn from your mistakes.
We can help you do it right. We’ve seen all the trials and errors.

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Expert Advisors

Recruiting is about people. So is Hirefully.
Our people are our competitive advantage. Their knowledge can be yours.

Your Talent Advisors have undergone extensive in-house training in candidate psychology, startup-ology, and tech-sector dynamics. They speak fluent tech and will represent your employer brand with the utmost professionalism. They do some of their best work when there’s an offer to be closed.

Anyone can put bodies in empty seats. We prefer to consult from experience and add value to your team – even if it means having tough conversations. It’s all in the name of building a better team.

Capture and compare job seeker salaries.
Visual pipelines track your progress-to-offer.
Minimize groupthink. Maximize diversity. Get the team involved.

Intuitive Software

Our proprietary hiring platform provides complete transparency on the recruiting process and activities. At its most basic level, the software serves as an Applicant Tracking System by keeping your candidates consolidated, organized, and moving through the pipeline.

We’ll leverage our technology to share our insights and commentary so your team learns the subtle cues and clues that signal great potential. We’ll make your whole team better at selection and hiring.

Reach and Research

Market Analysis

Smart hiring begins with a thorough understanding of what you’re up against. We’ll assess the supply, demand, and trends of the desired talent pool and share this market intelligence with you. Together, we’ll determine the best way to ensure success, with your timing and budget in mind.

Recruitment Marketing

We’ll help write a job description that resonates with your audience and post it on relevant job boards. To drive eyes to your posting, we’ll share your job on social channels and craft recruitment marketing material that looks good on your brand. 🔥

Speed and Ease

Curated Shortlists

We’ll review and engage candidates quickly so that you don’t miss out and candidates aren’t left in the dark. Phone screens will be documented and we’ll shine a light on the candidates that deserve your attention, so you’ll have everything you need for the interview.

Open Communication

Recruiting is iterative and communication is key. We’ll drop by your office for a bi-weekly meeting, and you can reach us any time by phone, email, or Slack. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Guaranteed.

  • 48 Hour Candidate Response Time
  • Unlimited Phone Screens and Feedback
  • Interview Scorecards and Outlines
  • Bi-Weekly Meetings
  • Open Dialogue

Ready to get recruiting off your plate?

Speak with a Talent Advisor to learn how Hirefully can work for your team.